Equine Emergency Card Deck

Equine Emergency Card Deck

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Equine Emergency Card Deck

Each set contains 10 double sided, 3 ml laminated Equine Emergency Card Deck, including:

Acupoints for:

-General Calming
-Respiratory Health
-Acupoints for Shock
-Acupoints for Tendon & Ligament Strengthening
-Allergic Reactions
-Acute Laminitis
-Colic Acupoints
-Acupoints for Heatstroke 

One side has the emergency chart with specific acupoints to use and the other side has a description of the emergency health issue, indicators, plus homeopathy and essential oil suggestions you can use on the spot.

This Emergency Card Deck is perfect for you to take along on rides or have available hanging on a hook in a barn or yard. This quick-study, emergency reference is on a durable metal ring and because the cards are laminated 
they will last a long time. 

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