Hands-on 2 & Online 1 & 2 (Hands-on 4 Day & Onlines TCM Overview & Meridian Theory)  £1,083.75

Hands-on 2 & Online 1 & 2 (Hands-on 4 Day & Onlines TCM Overview & Meridian Theory) £1,083.75

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Save 15% by purchasing both the Hands-on 4 day and Online courses TCM Overview and Meridian Theory at the same time. The cost would be £1,275 if purchasing these courses separately, but instead will cost you a total of £1,083.75 with the option to pay for the deposit for the hands-on and the balance just before the course itself!

Please email us and let us know if you wish to study Equine or Small Animal and which Hands-on course you would like a place on and we will confirm your placement upon return.

Hands-on Course

This 4-day hands-on class provides hands-on demonstrations, practice and exercises for the acupressure session protocol, Association, Alarm, Source, Master points. Major meridian exercises, specific conditions and Assessment exercises.

Specific theory and hands on practice study includes:

    • Yin/ Yang and 5-Element Theories
    • 4 - Examinations - Demonstration and practice
    • Acupressure protocol - Opening, Point work and Closing techniques
    • Association points - location, assessment and energetics
    • Source points - location, assessment and energetics
    • Acupressure session, assessment, point selection & practice
    • 5-Element Theory and use of Correspondence Chart
    • Meridian system overview, demonstration, and exercises 
    • Location, flow, function, and attributes of each of the 12 major meridians and 2 extraordinary vessels
    • Common physical and emotional issues associated with each of the elements and meridians
    • Acupoints that can benefit these issues; their location, energetics and reinforcement of acupressure protocol and techniques
    • Further use of Association points and addition of Alarm points

Online Courses

TCM Overview

The Overview covers the basic underlying concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Yin/Yang Theory in relation to the animal body and assessment of conditions; Meridian Theory and the meridian system; The Five-Element Theory; the internal organ systems, zang-fu organs in relation to the body; and, how the vital substances function within the body. This e-learning workshop provides an understanding of how the Chinese perceived of the living body and offers tools for conducting an assessment and session work on your animal.

Meridian Theory

The Meridian Theory e-Learning product offers an in-depth understanding of how the meridians function within your animal’s body. The more you learn about the meridian system and their location, the better your working knowledge of acupressure -- your assessment skills and point selection for acupressure sessions will be more effective. The course covers the 12 major meridians and 2 extraordinary vessels.

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