*NEW COURSE* Virtual Hands-on Intro to Equine Acupressure Course

*NEW COURSE* Virtual Hands-on Intro to Equine Acupressure Course

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The Virtual Hands-On Introduction to Equine Acupressure Course is designed to supplement the Hands-On Introduction to Acupressure class.  However at the moment, this online version of the course can replace the current 2 days hands-on class whilst we have the Covid 19 restrictions.

This course is also an excellent revision tool for those that have already taken the 2 Day Hands-on Intro Class. 

There are 8 lessons in total which are delivered via video lecture/presentation and demos. 

The 8 Lessons are:

  • Approach to Medicine & Yin Yang Theory
  • Pre-Acupressure Session
  • Assessment Process
  • Assessment: Opening & Association Points
  • Zang-Fu Organ System
  • Point Selection
  • Source Points
  • Full Protocol & Case Studies

Contained within the Lessons are 7 Demo videos showing the following:

  • Safety Video
  • Physical Exam
  • Bladder Meridian Opening
  • Association Points
  • Direct Pressure
  • Source Points
  • Full Protocol / Acupressure Session

There are also downloadable & printable resources 

To complete the course you will need to submit 3 videos, complete 2 essay questions and submit 4 case histories.  There are also quizzes to complete after each Lesson before continuing onto the next Lesson.

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Certificate: Certificate of Study for this non-certified e-Learning product is available upon completion.